Antoine Bertaudière
I am an independant graphic designer based in Paris, France (EU, Earth). Post-graduated in 2009 from École Supérieure des Arts Appliqués de Bourgogne (ÉSAAB). That same year and during three years, I moved to Amsterdam (Netherlands) to work with Roosje Klap where I developed a strong interest in editorial design and typography. Since 2012, back in France and in Paris more precisely, I work closely with various French and international clients: Ingrid Paola Amaro, ARK, Building Paris, Chantal Dugave, Encore, Greenpeace, Merel van’t Hullenaar, L’Internationale Online, Roosje Klap, Collectif SOL!, Tombolo Presses, TVK, etc.

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Chantal Dugave, Faire Défaire Refaire [Do Undo Redo], 2018.
Design+Desires, with ARK Amsterdam (Roosje Klap and Pauline Le Pape with Amanda Puna and Jolien Wallenus [interns]), 2018.
L’Internationale Online and Sarah Werkmeister, Feminisms, 2018.
Tombolo Presses, Ce que l’édition fait à l’art, Extraits d’une collection, with Angeline Ostinelli, Florence Aknin and the first-year graphic design students of the DSAA (ÉSAAB), 2017.
Ubisoft, Motornation, with Encore, 2017.
Collectif SOL (Yannick Gourvil, Ann Guillaume, Océane Ragoucy and Emmanuelle Roberties), 2017.
Ubisoft, Montana, with Encore, 2016.
L’Internationale Online and Sarah Werkmeister, Ecologising Museums, 2016.
Franck Vallérugo (dir.), EuropaCity, L’aventure d’un projet [EuropaCity, The Adventure of a Project], with Building Paris, 2016.
INA Global, fourth issue, “Ô secrets, Ô transparence” [Oh Secrets, oh Transparency], with Building Paris, 2015.
INA Global, third issue, “La Crise! Quelle crise?” [The Crisis! Those Crises?], with Building Paris, 2014.
Eden Morfaux, Open Sky Museum, with Building Paris, 2014.
INA Global, second issue, “La Politique du buzz” [The Politics of Buzz], with Building Paris, 2014.
33 Roux, with Building Paris, 2014.
David Mangin (dir.), Paris/Babel, une mégalopole européenne [Paris/Babel, An European Megalopolis], with Building Paris, 2013.
Jean Taricat, Suburbia, Une utopie libérale [Suburbia, A Liberal Utopia], with Building Paris, 2013.
Jan van Adrichem, Dominic van den Boogerd, Xander Karkens, Noor Mertens, Tineke Reijnders and Olav Velthuis, Positioning the Art Gallery, with Roosje Klap, 2012.
Merel van ’t Hullenaar’s portfolio, with Angeline Ostinelli, 2011.
Basic Instincts [catalogue], with Roosje Klap, 2011.
Basic Instincts [invitation], with Roosje Klap, 2011.
Gilbert van Drunen, Enjoy the Countryside van het verhaal [Enjoy the Countryside of the Story], with Roosje Klap, 2011.
Paul Kempers, Binnen was buiten [Inside was Outside], with Roosje Klap, 2010.
Krist Gruijthuijsen, The Addition, with Roosje Klap, 2010.
Lawrence Weiner, Au Pays, with Angeline Ostinelli, 2008 [project unreleased].
Galerie Arko, with Angeline Ostinelli, 2008 [project unreleased].